Nicki Minaj feat Eminem or Roman feat Slim Shady-Roman’s Revenge

Over a subpar Swizz Beats beat i’m just being real Nicki channel Roman one of her personalities and Eminem called up the craziest lyrical personality he can find Slim Shady and they made a subpar beat shine with some ferocious spectacle lyricism.i mean Roman and Slim trade some verses wordy of a track repeat over and over again which would make you say whoa nelly lol…but with this joint right here back up some of nicki’s haters and gave folks the slim shady fix they needed i mean i was wondering when Em was gonna bring him back…love nicki or hate nicki you gots to say she held her own with the great white hope mister i will piss a happy meal off Eminem aka Slim Shady…only thing this track could do without is Romans Mother..nicki stop it stop it stop it..that part of the song will have to grow on me i guess…but this track is a 10…PINK FRIDAY ON THE WAY.


About fourthandhiphop

cool dude from miami who love cook food and thick women...praise god and demand respect...PEACE,LOVE,CASH,
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